And so, the adventure in Tenerife begins.


I woke up at 3am on Tuesday morning, the 8th of January. My suitcase is packed and I’m ready to leave the Netherlands for a while. I felt weird, a little anxious and many thoughts were flying through my head (good and bad). Feeling this way is scary, but I also know that it means that I’m about to do something really epic.

A funny thing happens when I step out of my comfort zone: my mind starts to plays tricks on me and fear comes in, giving me all these reasons why I shouldn’t leave. I knew it would happen because I felt this way before when I moved to London for 5 months in 2015. I then start to appreciate everything I have so much more instead of taking it for granted: my apartment, cooking diner for myself, evenings with my boyfriend, coffee with friends, and even the tiniest things like turning on my new salt lamp, doing grocery shopping in my favourite organic shop, and watching the sunset from my window. I actually love this feeling of appreciation because I lost it a little after living the same life for a while. So why would I leave all this good stuff behind?

I remind myself of the time I spent in Tenerife before and how content and grateful I felt, how unique the camp is that I visited and that living there for 3 months will (probably) be a very unique and valuable experience, for me as a photographer and videographer, but also for me as a person. “If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life”.

I felt calm when I was waiting at the airport for the gate to open at 6am. I think practicing meditation over the last couple of months helped to just observe my thoughts instead of interacting with them too much. I just let it happen. But maybe also because I was too tired to think.

So the place I’m going to is called Twin Fin, a surf and yoga camp on the Spanish island Tenerife, where it always feels like summer (lucky me!). The camp is based on a hill in the middle of nowhere on the south/west side of the island. It’s located on one of the driest areas of the island where it almost never rains.
I’ve been there as a guest before, in June, for two weeks. I went there to surf and to explore the island, and to be away from my freelance work for a bit. But it turned out to be so much more than just a surf trip: I felt so connected to the place and the people who stayed there. I didn’t bring my professional camera because I didn’t know how safe it was to bring it there (also with the surfing and hiking) so I just brought a small canon camera (the Gx7 mark ii). When I arrived and met all these inspiring people, hearing their stories, and just the overall unique vibe at the camp, it made me wish that I had all of my good equipment with me so that I could capture it all.

When I went back home, I felt so inspired to go back and create videos and take photos at this place, and just live this totally different lifestyle for a while. I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t take this chance. So long story short: without overthinking it too much, I made the decision to go back and did everything to make it happen.

So here I am, sitting on the plane and actually doing this


photos above taken with my phone (iphone6s) on the plane

Photos below are taken with my canon 5d mk iv and mainly the 24-105mm f4 canon lens.
(I like this lens the most for quick spontaneous photos during the day).


So many times I’ve dreamed that I arrived in Tenerife and felt the sun shine on me, and now I am really here and the sun is actually shining on me. Oh how good this feels! It feels like I travelled in time to the summer. This is the first time I’m experiencing summer weather during winter, and I love it.

From the airport I got picked up by Justas, the surf photographer at the camp, and we went to the beach where some of the guests were surfing.

After the surf lesson I started talking with some of the guests and I found it funny that, even though these were all different people from when I was here as a guest, the same ‘Twin Fin feeling’ was there: everybody is very open to each other, always there to listen and to talk, and everybody feels very welcomed, no matter what your background, job, age, or vision in life is.


Back at the camp!


I’ve already spoken to so many people and I felt so inspired by all their stories. Talking with them about this camp, and feeling the kindness around made me realise again why I wanted to do this.

That night, my fears I had about coming here went away. This place holds something special, and I can’t wait to capture it.

Besides my personal projects, I’m also helping Twin Fin with their social media (so make sure to follow them on instagram! @twinfinsurfcamp) and helping at the camp wherever is needed.


And so, the adventure begins.

I’ll be sharing more photos, video’s and stories from Tenerife on this blog when I come back in April, so that I can now focus on photographing, filming, connection with the people, and just enjoying my time here on this beautiful sunny island.

But don’t worry, you can still see what I’m up to and the pictures that I’m taking on my instagram. I’m uploading there regularly and sharing even more photos in my stories.

Much love,