Frequently Asked Questions


Did you study photography?
No, I studied Communication and Multimedia Design and I did an internship in a video production company in London and in an advertising agency in Amsterdam. So during my study I did learn a lot about communication with visuals, which helped me with my video and photography work. But most of it I learned by taking my camera almost everywhere I went, taking many photos and video’s, and trying to learn something new each time.
Read more about my experience on my about page.

Do you also photograph weddings?
Yes I do! I’ve done a lot of wedding films in the past, but I’m currently only available for wedding photography.
Contact me for more information.

Do you have your own studio?
No, I shoot everything on location, mostly with natural light, but sometimes with some extra lights for indoor photo/videoshoots.

What are your prices?

Contact me for pricing!

Do you do design/drawing commissions?
I draw mostly just for myself, but you can always contact me if there is anything you have in mind that you want me to make for you.
See my drawings here.