In the training centers, called Old-Schools, you practice how to study from people you don't think you can learn from. This process also gives authentic recognition to groups that normally have been marginalized, like elderly, handicapped and unemployed people.
This program is created by Humint Solutions.  Humint Solutions developed the non-technological innovation methodology ‘TINO’, which focuses on ‘learning from people you don’t expect to learn from’. In 2017 I became a partner, and their official photographer and videographer. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more about the TINO methodology. 


About Old-School Arnhem video


Old-School teaser 2017


Opening Old-School Vreedenhoff 2017


Old-School exhibition opening


Old-School Vreedenhoff open house



click through the photos I made for the old school


Old School liberation tour through Arnhem


Photos I took for the Old-School recipe book


the TINO innovation method

The video on the right explains more about Humints and their innovation method called TINO.


More videography

The 'Rozet' video was also made in collaboration with Humint solutions