A music video I made for the song Summertime by Maya Lievegoed feat. Ananya Mayukha by TINO Label.
TINO Label is a program focusing on the cultural domain. It offers a complementing platform, an alternative 'stage' and digital meeting point to talented creatives who have chosen not to turn their art into their profession. They look for hidden artists, like their own Maya Lievegoed who has been composing music for many years. She played in different bands and performed in many places and although she always enjoyed the music, she says that she "didn't find a place in the music industry that felt sustainable to me. This lead to my decision not to turn my love for music into a job, because I knew that it would come with many, mainly artistic concessions I wasn't willing to make. Now, many years later I'm excited to share my music again through 'TINO Label'". 

The video is a bit dreamy and ‘odd’ and doesn’t have a clear story line. My idea behind it was to give it that nice feeling you have when the summer has just arrived, and you’re laying somewhere outside, enjoying the sun, and slowly falling asleep and then when you wake up, you realize you just had the best nap.

For this music video I’ve mainly used footage that I already had from my travels. Some of them even shot on a Canon GX7 mk2.


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