I've been the official photographer and videographer for White Vision (DJ Shows) since September 2016.
During this time I've been at many different shows from them and captured it both through video and photo.
On this page you will find some of the videos that I made.
The White Vision logo animation is also made by me using after effects.

Click here to see the photos I took for White Vision.

Aftermovie White Vision at de Fabrique


Aftermovie for Quoratio


Elrow party at de Fabrique aftermovie


A day at white vision


Walkind DJ Santa 2018



Main video walking dj santa


Making off walking dj santa

'we are hiring' video

the bloopers:

'we found her' video


Walking DJ on ice


White Vision at de Fabrique - Aftermovie


2 weddings 1 location - White Vision at Mereveld - aftermovie


White Vision at de Fabrique GGN party - aftermovie


Win the walking DJ promotion video


Promotion video - 2017


Akoesticum ede - aftermovie


a weekend with white vision - aftermovie (Mereveld + Zonnestraal)


2 weddings 1 location at Mereveld


White Vision hosts the Plus company party at de Fabrique


White Vision at Zonnestraal aftermovie


White vision Aftermovie - dengh & mereveld


White vision CAfe de punt - aftermovie