Hi I’m Valerie! I’m a full-time photographer and videographer based in Arnhem (the Netherlands). I’m passionate about capturing moments and stories in a beautiful way, and communicating with video and photos.

How it started

Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in visualising: stories, emotions, ideas… What excited me were the elements of storytelling, composition, colours and details. I started making photos, video's and drawings, just for myself and my friends (social media wasn’t a thing back then). I’ve always loved the progress of creating and learning and having something visual at the end.


My education

During my study Communication and Multimedia Design (2012-2016) I learned more about communicating with designs and visuals, social media, the creative industry and creative/innovative thinking. During my internship in London (2015) at a video production company, and during my graduation internship at an advertising agency in Amsterdam (2016), I expanded my skills and focused mainly on filming and video editing. During this time I learned to not only make something that looks nice, but something that really tells a story the viewer can connect with.
After my study, when I became a freelancer, I started to learn much more by just doing, by trial and error, by working hard, by observing and working with other people, online and offline, by trial and error and by working for different companies.


Starting my business

At the end of my study I was getting more freelance jobs in the photography and online video content field, and it became clear for me how I could contribute to others with my visualizations. So in November 2016 I officially started my own business and I've been doing it full-time since. I think I am still the observer I was as a child, searching ways to best capture moments, stories, people, and communicating a certain perspective through my photos and videos. Finding hidden perspective is also the core of my partnership with HUMINT Solutions. This is the company that developed the non-technological innovation methodology ‘TINO’, which focuses on ‘learning from people you don’t expect to learn from’. 




TWIN FIN (Tenerife, Spain)
Surf & yoga camp/community

Photo- & Videographer
January - April 2019

Innovation Consultency

Partner & Official photo- & videographer
Creative Director of 'TINO book'  (coming soon)
May 2017 - present

DJ Shows

Official photo- & videographer
September 2016 - present

LAGOM (Arnhem)
Media company
(former name : Studio Halfvol)

Freelance photo- & videographer
March 2017 - present

SELMORE (Amsterdam)
Advertising agency

Video editor intern
Graduation internship
April - October 2016

PW12 (London)
Video Production Company

Video editor and camera assistant intern
February - June 2015

Communication and Multimedia Design Student
September 2012 - November 2016 (Graduated)

Official photographer for:

State of Fashion (2018)
Close to you (2018)
Ruimtekoers Festival (2017)