Hi I’m Valerie! I’m a full-time photographer and videographer based in Arnhem (the Netherlands). I’m passionate about capturing moments and stories in a beautiful way.

How it started

Ever since I was a child, I've been interested in visualising: stories, emotions, ideas… I started making photos, video's and drawings, just for myself and friends and family (social media wasn’t a thing back then). I’ve always loved the progress of creating, capturing memories, and having something visual at the end that I could share.


My education

During my study Communication and Multimedia Design (2012-2016) I learned more about communicating with visuals, social media, the creative industry and innovative thinking. During my internship in London (2015) at a video production company, and during my graduation internship at an advertising agency in Amsterdam (2016), I expanded my skills and focused mainly on filming and video editing. During this time I learned to not only make something that looks good, but something that really tells a story the viewer can connect with.


Starting my business

At the end of my study I was getting more freelance jobs in the photography and online video content field, and it became clear for me how I could contribute to others with my visualizations. So in November 2016 I officially started my own business and I've been doing it full-time since. I think I am still the observer I was as a child, searching ways to best capture moments, stories, people, and communicating a certain perspective through my photos and videos. Finding hidden perspective is also the core of my partnership with HUMINT Solutions. This is the company that developed the non-technological innovation methodology ‘TINO’, which focuses on ‘learning from people you don’t expect to learn from’. 




Tenerife 2019


TWIN FIN (Tenerife, Spain)
Surf & yoga camp/community

Photo- & Videographer
January - April 2019

Innovation Consultency

Partner & Official photo- & videographer
May 2017 - present

DJ Shows

Official photo- & videographer
September 2016 - present

LAGOM (Arnhem)
Media company
(former name : Studio Halfvol)

Freelance photo- & videographer
March 2017 - present

SELMORE (Amsterdam)
Advertising agency

Video editor intern
Graduation internship
April - October 2016

PW12 (London)
Video Production Company

Video editor and camera assistant intern
February - June 2015

Communication and Multimedia Design Student
September 2012 - November 2016 (Graduated)

Official photographer for:

State of Fashion (2018)
Close to you (2018)
Ruimtekoers Festival (2017 + 2019)